Thesis, projects, exercises

Computer Science, University of Salerno

This page collects and presents some works produced during my studies at the university.


  • Master Thesis
  • Bachelor Thesis
    • A library for hand-based interaction in virtual environments
      Interfacing a virtual reality glove and a tracking system with the Quest3D engine.


  • Interactive Virtual Environments and Videogames
    • coding assignment
      • Slugs
        A 3D videogame inspired by "Worms". Developed with Ogre3D and PhysX.
  • Concurrent and Parallel Programming
    • coding assignment
      • Simple MPI Ray Tracer
        Parallelization of a simple ray tracing implementation, testing many MPI features and different strategies of workload distribution.
  • Network Security 2
    • essay
      • Introduction to exploiting: Linux x86 stack buffer overflows
        Basics of software vulnerabilities exploitation, with an in-depth analysis of stack buffer overflows in Linux environments.
    • lab activities
      • Forensic analysis & malware removal
        Setup of a scenario to be investigated via forensic tools, and malware analysis followed up by development of a removal tool.
  • Cryptography Tools for Information Security
    • coding assignment
      • CCA Encryption Tools
        Symmetric encryption and HMAC of arbitrarily big files using the OpenSSL libraries.
    • coding assignment
      • PKI Pedersen Commitment
        Implementation of Pedersen Commitment based on custom extensions of X.509 certificates (through the OpenSSL libraries).
  • Programming Languages 2
    • coding assignment